Tokyo Saiken Chasou

This is a renovation project in which a house built over 50 years ago in Tianmu, was reborn as a teahouse on the first floor and a gallery on the second floor.
The concept is "multicultural expression of Japanese “WA”.
The client, a Taiwanese who had lived in Japan for a long time, returned to Taiwan with the hope of creating a place that could connect Japan and Taiwan, and since there are many Westerners living in Tianmu, he wanted to incorporate Western elements into the project as well.
First of all, the façade is based on bricks that remind us of good old Taiwan, and the design that emphasizes lattices and tiles reminds us of good old Japan.
For the interior, the walls are reconstructed in a Japanese style using stained glass, which is said to have been born in Europe and reached its peak in the U.S.. The counter is made of the columbage (wooden structure) that was common in medieval Europe, and the back wall of the counter has a molding-like texture based on the motif of tea boxes. The furniture is selected from European and American brands.
A mixture of Taiwanese, Japanese, Western; a Japanese design creating from multicultural expression is realized in this project.