Tokyo Saiken Chasou

We designed a restaurant in Taipei, Taiwan called “Tokyo Saiken Chaso”.
A house built 50 years ago has been renovated into a 1F restaurant and 2F office.
We mixed the two elements to create a design that can feel Japan and Taiwan by using bricks that feel good old Taiwan and lattices that feel good Japan.

The interior is a mix of Japanese and European designs.
The Wall that have been reconstructed to japanese style from stained glass.
A counter incorporating the Colombages often found in medieval Europe style.
The wall on the back of the counter has a texture like the irregularities of a molding with a tea box motif.
And all furniture was selected from European brands.

The exterior is a mix of Japanese and Taiwanese materials, and the interior is a mix of Japanese and European materials.
As a result, various designs from Taiwan, Japan, and Europe were mixed together, creating a space that was not bound by a single culture while expressing Japan.